Holiday greeting + Talent of the month!

The Song “Cut you out” is written and performed by Big Fox
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The Christmas holidays are here soon! Maybe not breaking news — I guess you have noticed already. Anyhow, I thought I’d do a short update on what’s going on in my world.
At the moment I’m mainly doing two things:

1) I’m writing my feature film adaption of Joachim Førsund’s novel I COULD HAVE WALKED HOME BLINDFOLDED (JEG KUNNE GÅTT HJEM I BLINDE). First rough draft is soon completed. It’s been a fun writing process this far — the material is great — but there is loads of work still to be done before I am happy with my script. I have been developing the script in between other projects for about a year now, but after New Year I will be working full-time on this. You will find a lot more about this project on this blog the next months!

2) Post production with my short film ZAKARIASSEN MUST DIE (ZMD) that was shot at the coast of Helgeland and at FilmCamp in North Norway first half of November. ZMD is a dark-humored drama about the mishaps of an unpopular boss in the salmon industry; an every-day epic, you might call it. ZMD is a project I was in the midst of when I signed on for Zentropa, so you could say it’s my last non-Zentropa project for a long while. Hallvard Holmen plays the main character, and my long-time collaborator Trond Tønder is director of photography. Editing is now completed and ZMD is premiered at the Opening Night of the short film competition in Tromsø on January 19, 2011. Cross my heart and hope to live through it.

So far, this blog has been merely a snappy video blog exposing me as The Shit and whatnot. Next time around, i.e. from January 2011 on, I will WRITE a lot more on this blog. Short videos will still appear — but the real close look into my work and into the way I see things, will mainly come through written blog entries. And I will blog in English, so that I do not exclude any of you readers.

In the meantime, I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! See you next year — may shit not come flying your way!