Inside the screenwriting bubble


I’ve been away for so long! I’m sorry! It’s outrageous! It won’t happen again! Shut it. No one’s missed you.

Just popping by to say hi, I am alive. Lately, this blog has been like that guy who goes into standby mode in Cronenberg’s “eXistenZ”, he’s suddenly just standing there like a stuffed person when Jude Law’s character is trying to speak to him. Eerie.

The standby mode guy. There you go.

Recent two months I’ve been working intensively on my first ever 1st draft screenplay for a feature film. So intensively, that everytime I’ve thought of blogging inbetween screenwriting lately, my head has been empty and invert and I’ve had nothing interesting to blog about. Not a thing. (Oh it’s your personality, you’d say.)

The 1st draft of “I Could Have Walked Home Blindfolded” is now only a few pages from being completed. That means I will still have to stay on target for 2-3 days. The 1st draft will be massive, way too long, so there’s a lot of work to be done from 2nd draft on…

Though, next week I will be back on here. Then it’s time to let you guys into my screenwriting bubble. I will try to share things with you from my writing process — so far, how has it been adapting a novel, etc…. Also, other interesting things have evolved inside this project recent months. Tbc.

In the meantime, “I Could Have Walked Home Blindfolded” is a really nice and poetic title for a film, I think. What about you guys, you like it? Do you think it’s too long? Too weird? Perhaps some of you could try to come up with a short-version title, that we at least can use on this blog? Like a nickname. That would be fun.

See you soon!