1st draft complete & funding underway

Howdy. So what’s up!

On April 8th the 1st draft of “I Could Have Walked Home Blindfolded” was completed. It’s 150 pages long. So, like I wrote before on here, there’s still loads of work to be done. But the 1st draft is through and that’s wonderful. It’s been like giving birth. (Okay, even I know it’s not like giving birth.)

My script consultant Megan Gallagher and I met up on April 27th in Oslo. She had prepared well and gave me a thorough coverage of my 1st draft. On our meeting we agreed upon a plan to shorten down the next draft and to make it even better. To be honest with you, I believe that the 2nd draft will be 10 times better than the 1st. And I was quite happy with the 1st one. Not bragging here, just being honest. First of all, there is lots of potential in Joachim Førsund’s original story that I’ve not been able to let loose yet. And I tell you, Megan is a brilliant consultant. She’s like an x-ray that reveals everything that’s not working the way it could. I’m an optimist on behalf of the upcoming script development. And I promise you, this will be a great script and an amazing film. 🙂

In the meantime the project has been granted its first piece of external funding, that is €37000 worth of funding under the Media Programme’s development scheme. Hooray.
(our project is #82 on the press release list)

On May 24th I went to Lisbon to see American indie rock band The National live at Campo Pequeno, and to meet up with the band. The Dessner twins of the band, Aaron and Bryce, are interested in making music for “I Could Have Walked Home Blindfolded”, and so am I. Who wouldn’t be. Nothing’s official yet, but let’s hope we can work something out. Their music would be a perfect match for this story, with its dark melancholic atmosphere.

See you next time.