YouTube Bonus Day: PARAT (2009)

Day 4 out of 3.

Say again?

Okay, so here comes yet another short film. This time around it’s PARAT from 2009!

Showing this to you by courtesy of Sweet Films AS, the film’s production company. The English title of the film is ALL SET.

This is a black comedy/dramedy about a man in his fifties who is dead sure he’s going to die anytime now. It’s kind of complex with different layers of storytelling and not so much a distinction between them. First and foremost this is a sincere emotional story about a man who’s lost his way in life. But I’m very seldom able to resist squeezing humor out of tragedy. I also wanted to play with formalism and mess around with using a narrator. Well, I won’t say more for now. I guess you’ll have to watch it and love or hate it to understand.

I planned doing PARAT for almost three years. In the end, Sweet Films and I succeeded in getting in a total of 1.15million NOK of grants from the Norwegian Film Institute, North Norwegian Film Centre, and FilmCamp. Which allowed me to work concentrated and follow my vision, and to attach a DP and production designer early, to do very well-organized locations scouts, and spend time on costumes and casting. Luckily, I was able to hire the very best of actors.

My main character is played by John Sigurd “Sigga” Kristensen, and he’s teamed up by brilliant actors Anne Krigsvoll, Per Kjerstad, Kjersti Botn Sandal, Magne Lindholm, Hege Aga Edelsteen, Espen Renø Svendsen & Arne Skog. Director of Photography: Trond Tønder. Production design: Dagny Drage Kleiva. Editing: Lars Apneseth. Costume design: Nina Erdahl. Sound design: Alexander Bellizia. Composer: Erik Stifjell. First Assistant Director: Wenche Viktorsdatter Paulsen. Produced by Joachim Lyng at Sweet Films, Tromsø. AND Script Supervisor: Frode Eilertsen. And Makeup Artist: Elisabeth Haugan. And Rune Hansen & Kolbjørn Lyslo recording sound. AND Steadycam Operator: Torkel Riise Svenson. And more & more. It’s an awesome cast and crew and I love them all.

The film is shot in its entirety at FilmCamp in Troms County, on several different locations in Målselv and Bardu municipalities in May 2008. It’s shot on Super16mm. Doing the whole production at FilmCamp was an absolute joy. We were a big crew, quite a few actors and many extras. We stayed there for a week while shooting and we became friends forever. The whole time was like a dream.

Have fun!

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