Back from the dead


I’m back. It’s been almost one and a half year now, since I was on here. Of course, that’s quite outrageous. On the other hand, there is an explanation to this.

In short — the feature project I’m doing with Zentropa was really trembling for months, from summer 2011 on, due to the financial turbulence following the shooting of “Into The White”. I lost my producer shortly after, and for several months I was without a producer. Zentropa Productions in Denmark was still behind me though, but without a producer in Norway I could not do much.

In the end of 2011, Mr Petter Borgli joined the project as producer. I’m very happy with that. Also, FilmCamp supported the development of the project, making us able to activate the previous development funding from the Media Programme. Early 2012, I wrote a new first draft of 118 pages. In the spring we hired Danish script doctor Per Nielsen to help me out break down the first draft and make a new step outline. An absolutely brilliant man, Per. Then, in the summer, a had a child. That makes it four. Beat that.

These days, I’m finishing off my second draft, and hopefully we are back on track in no time.

Never give up, folks. When it is heartfelt and you really want it to happen. Don’t let shit beat you. Do never give up. Ever.

More later. See you.