Happy New!

Happy New Year, folks!

I hope everyone can feel the same excitement I feel; WE HAVE GOTTEN OURSELVES A WHOLE NEW YEAR. I mean, it’s 2013 now. (We never had 2013 before, this is the first time!)

New possibilities, new resolutions, new revolutions. I really look forward to this year. 2013 could be crucial for my feature film project. I finished the 2nd draft on the 20th of December, and my producers are reading and making plans for it as we speak. The next months, we need to get distinctly closer to going into production. The 2nd draft of the screenplay is oceans better than the 1st draft, so I’m an optimist. Always an optimist, that’s my force and my curse. Though, it’s not realistic that we start shooting this film until 2014.

Tonight I’m attending Blått lerret at Parkteatret to get inspired by my skillful director colleagues Arild Østin Ommundsen, Rune Denstad Langlo, and Øystein Karlsen. See you there?

More to come. Love.